Lundyville Music Hall

Wednesday Acoustic Open Mic Nite

Dedicated to to the sound of Acoustic Instruments only, Wednesday nite is new and on the ground floor.  We are looking for Performers in all styles of music that are interested in taking the stage for a three song (15 minute set).  There is NO FEE for performers or listeners. However donations are appreciated. There are few, if any venues left any more that will specialize in a acoustic setting. NO KITCHEN NOISE, NO BAR ROOM NOISE, NO GAME ON TV, NO FLEA MARKET HAGGLING IN THE BACKGROUND.  Just the performer and his instrument and folks appreciative of the performers craft.

All musical backgrounds are welcome as long as you have a story to tell and an instrument to use as your tool.  No bells and whistles, Just the naked art of sound.

 Entry:  FREE

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Sign up begins:

Music Begins:
7:30 pm

Welcome to the Acoustic Open Mic at Lundyville hosted by Phil Schneider.

Phil's lives, writes, and performs in Florida and has been promoting Americana
music for years.  Americana music takes its roots from simple homespun originals 
from Americas front porch venues over the past 150 years.  Classic styling combined with great lyrics about honest daily life.  Songs with a sense  of place and a bit of humor.  Phil is
a warm performer giving the listener a story with each tune,  he pioneers a style of his own creation called "Floribean" music, that transports the listener to a time when Florida ment 
more than theam parks and trailer parks.  


Your Host, Mr. Phil Schneider