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Lundyville Music Hall


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Third Annual Lundyville Songwriters' Contest

February 15, 2014

Starts at 10:00 AM

Contest Rules

1. Any song entered must be the composition of the Entrant. Songs with more than one composer may be entered but all composers must be on record and all must consent to their entry and be listed on all Contest Documents. All composers of a song are considered as one (1) Entrant. Composers under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent/guardian must sign all Contest Forms. Composers over twelve (12) but under eighteen (18) must have parent/guardian's written permission to enter the Contest and to fill out and sign Contest Forms.

2. All rights will remain with the composer(s).

3. All entries will be accompanied with a Contest Registration Form, included in the registration packet.

4. A composer may enter up to three (3) songs*. Any genre is allowed. Each song will be accompanied with an Contest Entry Fee of $5.00.

* If the number of Entrants becomes so high that the event cannot be reasonably conducted in one day, Lundyville reserves the right to limit the number of Song Entries to two or even one.

5. The first place winner of the previous year's contest will be ineligible to enter this year's competition. The previous year's winner will be asked to be a part of the current year's Showcase.

6. Each song entered must be accompanied with five copies of lyrics for the use of the judges. Lyric sheets do not need chord symbols nor be accompanied by a lead sheet.

7. The order of song presentation will be determined the morning of the Contest. Each song entered will be assigned a number at registration. Composers entering more than one song will not have their songs presented consecutively. First songs presented will be given a number 1 to 99, second entry numbers will be from 100 to 199, and third entry numbers will be 200 to 299.

8. Songs must be sung live but the singer need not be the composer. A maximum of three musicians may be on stage to present the song or backup tracs may be used. A maximum of five (5) minutes will be allowed for setup and singer/musician(s) must take the stage upon announcement of song. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to make sure the backup tracs are on a cd that is "closed" (finalized) and is playable on Lundyville's cd player. Lundyville does not have the facilities to accommodate tape, tape cassettes, computer files, thumb drives, nor mp3's. Entrants may check their recordings’ compatibility with Lundyville equipment by calling the Lundyville management and making an appointment before the day of the contest.

9. Entrants may not speak with any of the judges before, during, or after the competition until the final results are announced. Judges will be easily identified by their badges.

The decisions of the judges are final.

10. Judges are ineligible to enter.

11. Singer and their accompanying musicians (maximum of 2 additional, for a total of 3 individuals on stage) will not be charged an admission to the event. This is meant to mean the total of admission for composers and/or accompany musicians is a maximum of three (3) per Entrant. All other persons coming with the Entrant will be charged the admission fee of $6.00. Persons under the age of twelve (12) will not be charged an admission but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

12. Each Entrant will be given a badge to wear. When the Entrant's Song Number is announced the Entrant will take the stage. Once the Song Title is announced the Entrant will start to perform the Song. The performer is not to explain the song, state why the song was written, give the meaning of the song, or address the judges or audience. After the song is complete, leave the stage. A bow is acceptable to acknowledge the audience's applause.

13. Judges will be asked to judge songs based on the following criteria.

ORIGINALITY - the balance of unique lyrics and music.

LYRICS - the flow, clarity and impact of words.

MELODY- compliementary to the lyrics.

SONG STRUCTURE - consistency and appropriateness.

EMOTIONAL EMPACT - does the song arouse emotions in the listener?

Rev. 10.26.13